Picture of Rita Gonzalez


Administrative Assistant

Hello, my name is Rita L. Gonzales and I was born in Denver, Colorado. My life began when my mother went into labor walking through Baker Junior High and Baker is where I also began my career with DPS – it is only fitting that my ashes be spread at Baker when I pass.
I began my career at Baker in 1986 and worked with Special Needs children. After 5 years, I then moved upstairs at Baker to work in an Alternative Setting. In 1995, I moved to the front office as Records Clerk, where I worked for 3 years and then was promoted to Administrative Assistant at PREP. I left PREP in 2013 to begin working as Administrative Assistant at Denver Justice High School where I will remain until I can no longer work.
I am very enthusiastic about my job and even more importantly, I completely care about our students. I have no problem making sure that students are where they belong and if not, I ensure sure they get to where they belong. Founding Principal, Mr. Losh has said on more than one occasion, “You only have to ask and Rita has it done”.
I am a single mother of three children, Sheree who is 31, Shalamar who is 24 and my son Gerald who is 21. I also have 2 grandchildren, Santiago 7 and Diego 4.