Justice Fundraiser with Entertainment Book

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Welcome to your Entertainment® Fundraiser!

Thank you for choosing Entertainment to be your Fundraising Partner. Below is the information to access the Raisy™ Fundraising Page for Denver Justice High School. Raisy is the EASY way to reach family and friends across North America to help support your Fundraiser. Supporters will appreciate the opportunity to purchase products they know and love, while your group benefits from their support. Watch your profits soar with 24/7 access to Raisy!

Group Name: Denver Justice High School

Group ID: 100006046

STEP 1: Login and Update Your Password

Go to fundraising.entertainment.com

Click LOGIN in the top right corner and enter your email address and password below

Your password: welcome1

Click on "My Account" in the upper right corner and select "My Profile"

Click on "Account" to change your password (optional)

STEP 2: Customize Your Group's Fundraising Page

Click on "Chairperson Toolbox" at the top of the page, then the "Manage" button, and then the "Edit Fundraiser Details" link.

It is important to clearly illustrate your cause to your Supporters. Don't forget to add pictures! These details will also show on each of your Seller's pages.

TIP: For more ideas on how to customize your Fundraising Page, click on "Chairperson Help"

STEP 3: Invite Sellers to Join

There are 2 simple ways to have your Sellers join your Fundraising Page

1.  Sellers visit fundraising.entertainment.com and click on "Seller>Join a Fundraiser." Sellers can either search by Group Name or Group ID

2.  Email sellers via Raisy with a link to Join the page. On the Fundraising Page, click on "Email your Contacts" and follow the simple instructions to invite your sellers to Join

Don't forget to post your link on Facebook and Twitter!

STEP 4: Watch Your Sales Soar!

With 24/7 access, you can keep an eye on your growing profits at any time. View sellers' online activities and total sales for your group

You will also receive a weekly update email with a summary of your sales


Visit our help center at raisysupport.entertainment.com

Your Sales Representative: Emily Bohn