Welcome to Denver Justice High School!


Denver Justice High School’s mission is to provide a college preparatory education for all enrolled students. Justice High School targets student who are chronically truant, have been unsuccessful in the traditional school setting, or who have been involved in the criminal justice system. Denver Justice High School strives to take youth who have been labeled and believe they are “at-risk” into youth who believe they are truly “youth of promise”. We do this by providing each student with the opportunity to grow into respectful adults who have knowledge, will, and the self-esteem to succeed in college and in life.

The school utilizes high academic standards, tutoring and exceptional staff that create a diverse learning atmosphere which encourages acceptance and compassion for all human beings. Every child has a talent or an interest that, if nourished and encouraged, will result in excellence. We believe that achieving excellent results gives hope and builds confidence.

Below is a link to the photos taken at graduation. Anyone is welcome to log-in, view the photos, download and print which ever photos they choose. 
There is a video on demand (VOD) up from our graduation. 

Enroll at Denver Justice!

Registration for the 2023-2024 school year is in process!

With small class sizes, innovative ideas and committed teachers, Denver Justice students get all the support they need to graduate, overcome obstacles and reach their college & career dreams! Denver Justice High School operates on a quarter system. 

Fourth Quarter begins Monday, March 18, 2024.

Intake Interviews for Fourth Quarter are available starting on February 26, 2024. 

Please contact the school at 303-480-5610 or e-mail:

Stephen_Parce@dpsk12.net to schedule an intake interview with the student and their parent/guardian.


Denver Justice High School (DJHS) welcomes all students and strives to create and maintain a diverse student population. DJHS is open to all students residing in the State of Colorado. Student recruitment and enrollment decisions shall be made in a nondiscriminatory manner as outlined in 22-30.5-507(3), C.R.S. In all cases, student recruitment and enrollment decisions shall be made without regard to disability, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, national orgin, language, religion, ancestry, need for special education services, or any other protected class.


Enrollment in charter schools and district managed schools is available to all students, including students with disabilities and information about disabilities will not be requested until a student has been admitted and is enrolling in the school. For questions regarding the admission and enrollment of students with disabilities in Denver Justice High School contact Stephen.Parce@denverjustice.org via e-mail, or Tyler.Bauer@denverjustice.org via e-mail or phone at 303-480-5610.