Denver Justice School Board

Meet The School Board at Denver Justice High School

Board President: Gary Losh

Picture of Gary Losh

Email: gary_losh@dpsk12.net

Hello, my name is Mr. Losh and I am a native of Denver who attended Denver Public Schools. My passion for students and their success is why I enjoy my job as founding Principal and Board Member of Justice High School. "Watching the students make the change is what I enjoy most" more


Board Member: Honorable Tijani R. Cole, JD. PhD.   

Tijani Cole

Email: tijani.cole@gmail.com

Judge Tijani Cole is the founder of all five Justice High Schools. He serves as a Founders Board member, and a board member for Denver Justice High School. Judge Cole presently serves as a Principal and Associate Judge for the Wheatridge Municipal Court. He was appointed to the Boulder District Court in 1993, where he specialized in criminal and juvenile law. more


Board Member: Mark Surratt


Email: mwsurratt617@hotmail.com

Mark is currently a Financial Services Executive.  He has over 35+ years of International business experience and knowledge. His experience ranges from the Aerospace Industry, Telecomm, Project Management, Consulting, Financial Services, Analyst, Contract Negotiation, Purchasing, Inventory Control and Materiel Control, Sales and Marketing, and, Business Development. more


Board Member: Kevin Coffey

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Email: kevinc@complete-spectrum.com

Kevin grew up in North Denver and is a native of Colorado. Mr. Coffey is the founder and CEO of Complete Spectrum Financial Services. His company's mission is to "Create A Better World For All of Us and Future Generations. He feels that Justice High School is accomplishing this as well. He attributes his company's success to hard work and integrity. The teachers and administrators of Justice High School demonstrate this every day. Mr. Coffey is proud to be a Board Member of Justice High School because his values align with Justice High School's values. I have attached my picture as well. 


The Denver Justice High School Board meets regularly to discuss important issues that pertain to the operations of DJHS. Together, the DJHS Board exists to promote accountability and school wide supports.

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