GED Program

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Vision: Provide a different pathway for students who choose to pursue their post-secondary goals with the GED who would have otherwise struggled on the traditional school track.

Mission: Prepare all students who wish to learn for lifelong success and stability.

Denver Justice launched a new GED program called SHIFT {Student Hope Igniting Future Transitions} at Denver Justice in January 2020. The program has an open and rolling registration through the school year for students age 17 to 20. The GED process is a series of four tests calibrating and rewarding a student’s readiness for life after high school. The GED certificate is an equivalent to a traditional high school diploma.

To start this program, GED students must meet the following requirements:

  • Students must be at least 17 years old but not yet 21.
  • Students must be able to pay the program fees ($175 total) - Payments are accepted.
  • Students must be able to commit to attending study sessions from 11:30am-1:30pm Monday – Thursday at Denver Justice HS.
  • Students must take the official GED tests off-site at a location most convenient for them.

The GED program has many benefits including:

  • Specific and individualized study sessions designed to help the student pass the GED tests.
  • Individual coaching to explore and plan for success in the future whether that means entering the workforce or enrolling in a training program.
  • Extended time accommodations for testing, if needed from an IEP.
  • Free Bus tickets for transportation.
  • Free Lunch beginning at 11:30am every day.
  • Participation in Denver Justice’s formal Graduation ceremony once all 4 tests are passed.

What can a student do with a GED certificate?

In the past, the GED certificate has received a lot of negative societal comments – the importance of the GED has completely changed. The GED is an important option for many students who do not fit the traditional school route and it is now accepted for college admission at 95% of US schools.

  • Enter the workforce and get paid more than someone who did not finish high school.
  • Attend a 2 Year Community College
  • Attend a 4 Year University
  • Attend a Technical College

If you are interested in applying for the GED Program, please contact the GED Prep Site Coordinator at Denver Justice.