History Teacher/Instructional Coach

My name is Dawn. I am a joyful wife and mother of five delightful children, I teach African-American History and serve as the Instructional Coach at Denver Justice.  I hold a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in History and Social Studies Education and I have been teaching History and Humanities in New York, Atlanta, and Denver since 1996.  I love teaching, especially the study of History because it illuminates how and why we move through the world the way we do, which helps us exude empathy and compassion for the human family.  I especially love teaching in alternative settings because the young people here benefit mightily from educators who care deeply about their well-being, the adults who serve in these settings tend to be some of the most skilled, kind, and patient in the field, and understanding the most vulnerable amongst our young people is critical to my personal and professional success.  "There is no better [teacher] than adversity.  Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance next time." - Malcolm X