Hello, My name is Stephen Parce and I am the Principal at Denver Justice High School. I am a Colorado native and the fourth generation in my family to teach in Denver. I received my first degree at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN with a triple major in Business Administration, German and Psychology. I earned my second degree and teaching license at the Metropolitan State College of Denver with a major in History and a minor in Sociology. I also earned my principal’s license and Master’s degree in Administration, Supervision and Policy Studies at the University of Colorado. I began my studies for a PhD in Administration, Supervision & Policy Studies at the University of Denver in 2009. Prior to coming to Justice, I was a Principal and Assistant Principal at the Denver Center for International Studies. I  was an assistant principal at High Tech Early College,  Contemporary Learning Academy, DPS Night School and the GED Program for five years. I enjoyed teaching Computers & Technology classes at Morey Middle School to both students and teachers; as well as a variety of subjects at Skinner Middle School that included; Social Studies, English as a Second Language, World Languages, and Computers and Technology.